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Welcome. Edurite is here to show you how you can improve your English knowledge by providing you with resources, ideas, personalized help and most importantly a new mentality of studying a second language.


Why Edurite?

Foreign languages - and most importantly English - are valuable assets nowadays and the skill to learn and perfect a second language will forever be vital both for your personal and professional life. I want to help you with these skills.      English shouldn't be complicated and learning a language should always fit in your busy lifestyle. I would like to invite you to join a quest, find out what is best for you and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Feel free to browse and download, check out new links and my blog, embark on a literature journey and contact me with ideas, suggestions and whenever you need help. 



About Edurite mentality

I believe what we learn shapes us. As an old saying goes "You are as many people by yourself as many languages you speak". If you learn the language you get a great deal closer to understanding the ones whose mother tongue it is. It is surely one of the most fascinating things in the world, but also one that's widely considered really hard.

Let us be honest about language learning: it is not the easiest, and there is no single groundbreaking secret that will magically do it for you. However, I believe it can be made EFFECTIVE, AVAILABLE and most importantly FUN. Modern research just proves there are better methods out there than sitting with a dictionary memorizing words. The most effective way to leaning English is lot more simple than you expect: you just take advantage of your spare time, spare energy and focus on results. I will help you with the rest.

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